The patronage class - programmer technician at ZST Pleszew

will start in the school year 2022/2023 in the Complex of Technical Schools in Pleszew.

05 Jan 2022


Mirit is a Software House located in a small town in Wielkopolska region.

We have always valued self-development and determination, and that is why we enjoy helping young and ambitious people who want to make their future in the world of IT.

As we all know, learning through practice gives the best results. Then we have direct contact with the field in which we want to realize ourselves, gaining experience necessary on the job market. Often, it is already at the stage of school education that we have the opportunity to acquire knowledge about a given topic. In order to make the best use of this time, it is necessary to provide students with the right conditions for this.

Therefore, we are extremely proud of the fact that we managed to fulfill one of our biggest dreams. It is the creation of patronage class for those students who are interested in computer science, especially in programming. The patronage class - programmer technician - will start in the school year 2022/2023 in the Complex of Technical Schools in Pleszew.

The main direction of education in this profile class is learning programming, so students will gain the ability to create websites with their own hands based on programming languages such as Laravel, React or Vue.js. This is an absolute novelty, because so far in the classes of computer profile the main emphasis was on the operation and construction of the computer as a device. Now students will develop their knowledge in a much broader area.

What are our plans for the Patronage class? At the beginning we want to organize free trainings for the teaching staff, so that they could get familiar with the technologies we use in our work. For interested students there will be extracurricular classes conducted by Mirit employees. The knowledge and skills acquired during the classes will be tested in professional internships with the possibility of further employment.

Our company is a perfect example that Software House has a chance of success not only in big cities. What counts are good intentions, learning and self-confidence. This is what we intend to pass on to our future proteges.