E-Commerce Dev for Digital Marketing Company

Digital Marketing

18 Jan 2022


Until now we have done many projects for external customers both in Poland and abroad. Projects made by our company were various - from online stores through medical portal to auction portals or our own CRM system.

One of our clients was VVES Limited, for whom we created a digital marketing e-commerce platform.

The cooperation lasted from January 2020 to January 2021.

We started the project by reviewing the received documentation and designed views on Figma.

Our challenge was to create a platform that helps to increase the reach and audience in social media, especially on Instagram, using Laravel framework.

It clearly describes what features the site should contain and how each individual step in the process should work.

The documentation also included API integration, as well as integration with payment gateways. Our programmers were tasked with creating an e-commerce platform containing an admin panel with drag-and-drop functionality. This was to make management much easier.

We were in constant contact with the client, which made the work run smoothly and pleasantly. The project was carried out by a team of experienced programmers headed by a project manager who managed the tasks.

Any doubts were immediately explained and clarified.We communicated with the client via Slack and our CRM system invide.io.

Jira was also used to manage and monitor the work.

The project was delivered on time, thanks to good work organization, persistence of programmers and great communication with the client. Both Mirit and VVES Limited are very happy with the results, and you can find a full review of this client on the clutch.co forum - a platform dedicated to reviewing and evaluating software houses from around the world.