Advertising portal with CMS panel and full administration.

This client was acquired by our team at a time when its development was heavily fragmented with various tasks left over from the previous development team and completely new tasks to be implemented.

Our experienced team of developers, at the beginning took care of improving the portal in terms of UX and user flow, and improvements related to the SEO of the portal based on the comments of the Marketing Agency dealing with SEO of the portal. The multitude of modules and functionalities included in the portal has become an inseparable part of our team, to this day we still cooperate and implement new modules and solutions based on discussions with the client and our own ideas to improve the work of the portal and its users


Acquisition of a client with a very powerful classifieds system. A few weeks' implementation in the code of the previous developer company. Implementation of new solutions and improvement of existing ones.

Customers – Advertising Portal

Used technologies

PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, Boostrap 4
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