News Portal - health topics

Implementation of the portal was unexpected for our team, the client's requirements were clear and specific. We managed to put the portal into production literally a few days before the start of the coronavirus pandemic, which was very important for us.

This portal is implemented on dedicated solutions like a detailed CMS panel for handling content such as text articles, videos, and podcasts with its own player inside the portal. Currently, this portal is visited by up to 200 thousand users per month. This shows how the quality code and system hides under the clear layout.

The speed of loading the page and the speed of switching between subpages was a priority for us even with a huge number of users at the same time.


Project preparing and full implementation from the first line of code to a fully functioning news portal. System functions based on the experience of the portal owner. Implemented according to the discussed requirements.


Used technologies

PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, Boostrap 4
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